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The Data Upload API provides programmatic access to the ImmPort Data Upload Service. This service includes requests for upload, validation, and status information. This API works as access for posting upload/validation registration requests and acquiring information on the the status of a Batch Upload. The API returns a JSON output by default, except for the documentation request that returns a Zip-file. The HTTP method supported by this API is POST (-X POST) in most cases for this version of this API (exceptions will be noted below).

Tools for communicating with the ImmPort Data Upload API

Many third-party tools can be used for communicating with the API and for visualizing API endpoints.

Examples of tools for communicating with the API:

Tool Type
Curl Command line tool
HTTPie Command line tool
Postman REST Client App for Google Chrome and OS X
DHC REST Client Google Chrome extension
Google Chrome Google Chrome web browser

This document will use the curl tool for examples.