Adverse Events Study file type is Adverse Events.
Assessment Results Study file type is Assessment Results.
Case Report Form Study file type is Case Report Form.
Case Report Form Data Information collected from a subject and presented on a case report form. (NCI)
Checksum A fixed-size datum calculated (by using a hash function) for a molecular sequence or structure, typically for purposes of error detection or indexing
Clinical Data Data obtained through patient examination or treatment.
Concomitant Medications Study file type is Concomitant Medications.
Data Dictionary A collection of descriptions of the data objects or items in a data model.
Database cross-mapping The cross-mapping is typically a table where each row is an accession number and each column is a database being cross-referenced. The cells give the accession number or identifier of the corresponding entry in a database. If a cell in the table is not filled then no mapping could be found for the database. Additional information might be given on version, date etc. A mapping of the accession numbers (or other database identifier) of entries between (typically) two biological or biomedical databases.
Demographics Study file type is Demographics.
Epidemiological Data Identify post disaster needs (e.g., ongoing disaster-related health care needs, collection of epidemiological data, assessment of cause of disaster, steps for prevention of reoccurrence)
Family Member Any of the individuals who are descended from a common progenitor, related by marriage or other legal tie, or by a feeling of closeness. (NCI)
Interventions Study file type is Interventions.
JSON Summary Description SeroNet JSON Summary Description
Lab Test Results Study file type is Lab Test Results (e.g. CBC, chemistry, cytokine).
Medical History Data Study file type is Medical History Data
Patient Reported Outcome Information collected directly from a patient that typically includes subjective feelings regarding symptoms, functions in daily life, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well being, and satisfaction with his/her health care. (NCI)
Protocol Deviation Data Study file type is Protocol Deviation Data
Screening Data Study file type is Screening Data
Software Script A software script is software whose instructions can be executed using a software interpreter.
Study Data Data associated with a study, but not arranged or included in any specific grouping. This is the default setting for data linked to a study.
Study Medication Study file type is Study Medication.
Study Summary Description An abstract of a document detailed description which represents its most significant information
Substance Use Study file type is Substance Use.