Name reagents.ELISA.txt
Type multiple
Schema Version 3.36
Description The ELISA reagent template defines and annotates the antibody reagents assay platforms for ELISA.
Template ColumnRequiredDescription
User Defined ID True The reagent user defined ID is an identifier chosen by the data provider to refer to an assay reagent. The nature of the assay reagent is assay specific and may be an array, an antibody or a typing kit. This ID may be referenced by other data records (e.g. experiment sample). The user defined ID is not shared.
Name False The reagent name is not referenced by other data records.
Description False The assay reagent description provides further details on the nature and purpose of the reagent.
Manufacturer True The source of a reagent may be important for evaluating assay results.
Catalog Number True The reagent's catalog ID provides a reference to the reagent source and description.
Lot Number False The lot number is helpful to understand possible batch specific differences in assay results.
Weblink False The web link is often the vendor's web site.
Contact False If the reagent is from a non-commercial source, the contact information should indicate with whom to communicate to get further details.
Analyte Reported True The analyte describes what is being measured in an assay. The list of values displays common immunology gene symbol and gene symbol terms on the left and their preferred term on the right, each component separated by a semi-colon. Please select a name from the list provided if the name matches your name or enter a name if there is not an appropriate one provided. This name is visible when the result is shared.
Antibody Registry ID False