Assay Protocol used to assay or measure an experiment sample
Bio Sample Preparation Biological Sample Preparation.
Bio Sample Treatment Protocol used to prepare Biological Sample.
Biomaterial Transformation Protocol used to prepare or modify a biological sample
Case Report Form Case Report Form
Clinical Clinical
Clinical Study Protocol Clinical Study Protocol
Clinical Trial Monitoring Plan A proposed method to ensure the adequate monitoring of subjects during a clinical trial.
Clinical Trials Operational Procedure Manual Documentation describing clinical trial-related work processes.
Data Processing Data Processing
Data Transformation Protocol used to analyze or reformat data
Experiment Protocol used in the Experiment.
Experimental Sample Protocol used for Experimental Sample.
Institutional Review Board Independent Ethics Committee Informed Consent Document Records approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB)/Independent Ethics Committee (IEC), explaining study information to assist study volunteers in understanding the expectations and requirements of trial participation.
Laboratory Sample Manual Documentation describing work processes and procedures for the collection, handling, and shipping of a sample.
Materials and Methods section The materials and methods section is a document section containing a description of the materials and methods used in the study.
Not Specified Protcol Type is not specified or not received. If no Protocol Type value is received, then this is the system default value.
Other Other
Process Protocol A standard operating procedure (SOP) that is a collection of activities and the rules that describe when each activity is performed to achieve a specific purpose or objective(s). [Definition Source: NCI]
Specimen Collection Protocol The rule which guides how a specimen collection should be performed
Statistical Analysis Documentation Statistical Analysis Documentation
Study Protocol 'Study_Protocol' Study design description.
Study Summary 'Study_Summary' Study review after a study is closed.
Subject Organism Treatment Subject Organism Treatment