Name Virus_Neutralization_Results.txt
Type multiple
Schema Version 3.36
Description The virus neutralization experiment sample template defines and annotates the assay results for a sample by linking sample, experiment, and results together. More than one analyte's results per assayed sample may be reported by copying the group of columns 'Virus Strain'and 'Titration Dilution Value' needed to describe each assay result.
Template ColumnRequiredDescription
Expsample ID True The experiment sample identifier must be stored in ImmPort or in the experimentsamples.txt template.
Virus Strain Reported True The name of the virus strain used in the assay. Please select a name from the list provided if the name matches your name or enter a name if there is not an appropriate one provided. This name is visible when the result is shared.
Value Reported True The maximum sample dilution factor that continues to demonstrate virus neutralization.
Unit Reported True The dilution factor unit.
Comments False Comments captures additional descriptive information.