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Q1 2024 Software Release

Release Date

January 16, 2024.

File Checksums

The ImmPort system now generates an MD5 checksum for study, protocol, result files that are uploaded to the ImmPort repository. The Data Browser (UI for downloading data) now displays a checksum file that contains the checksum for the study, protocol, result files.

See the below screenshot for an example of viewing and downloading the checksums file in Shared Data . Select the checkbox next to the checksums file and click the Download button.

Data Submission

Open up the downloaded file and find the row associated with the file whose checksum you wish to verify. For example, for the file named StudyFile.Obsolete.Period.StudyGlossary.ID4633-34.1089.SDY2.txt, the corresponding checksum is a84804addeee9ca7d0611caa728191cf.

Data Submission

Within an ImmPort private workspace, checksums can be found on the Study Detail page of the data manager, for studies to which you have access within that workspace.

See the below screenshot for an example of viewing checksums on the Study Detail page under the Study Files tab, and the protocols page under the Design tab in private data.

Data Submission

Data Submission

More more details, and to learn how to generate a file checksum, please visit our documentation: Checksum Documentation

FHIR Server Updates

Updates have been made to the ImmPort HAPI FHIR server.

The FHIR Resources have been updated to R5 Final version of FHIR. Additionally, FHIR data on studies release in DR50 have been added to the FHIR server. Lastly, the FHIR Server home page has been update to display the ImmPort to FHIR mapping. Please review our documentation for further information on FHIR: FHIR Documentation

Data Release Schedule

ImmPort has begun releasing data on a monthly basis. Please review our schedule for our upcoming data releases: Data Release Schedule

ImmPort User Agreement Updates

The User Agreement for ImmPort, which all users downloading or uploading data must agree to before access ImmPort data, has been updated. Most noteably, section 3.2.3 has been added, which indicates "You agree to acknowledge your use of ImmPort and the providers of specific data sets, as appropriate, in any publications or presentations related to your use of ImmPort and its APIs." Please view the updated agreement here: ImmPort User Agreement