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Study Registration Wizard


Click this link SRW Tutorial (PDF) to view the Study Registration Tutorial.

Click this link SRW Tutorial (PowerPoint) to view the Study Registration Tutorial.


  1. What is meant by a ‘study’? A study is a collection of data generated based on a research or clinical study protocol. A study may be focused on data referenced in a manuscript and would be sufficient for the data consumer to fully understand the conclusions presented in the manuscript and conduct a reanalysis with similar results.

  2. Am I required to use the Study Registration Wizard to upload my data? Data providers are not required to use the Study Registration Wizard. The Study Registration Wizard is a tool designed to assist data providers with data loading. The basic_study_design.txt template and the protocol.txt template can be used to upload the same information as the Study Registration Wizard.

  3. Who has access to my workspace? Workspaces are private and assigned to a user by ImmPort staff. You inform ImmPort staff who should have access to your workspace. ImmPort staff may access your workspace as needed.

  4. Can I add or remove people from my workspace? ImmPort staff handle workspace access. Please contact the ImmPort Staff ( to have others added to your workspace.

  5. One or more Research Focus/Categories defines my study but I cannot select more than one, what should I do? Please contact the ImmPort helpdesk ( for assistance in linking your study to more than one Research Focus/Category.

  6. My manuscript is being drafted and I don’t have the final title, journal or publication ID, what should I do? Publication information can be updated after a study has been submitted by using the study_design_edit.txt template. Please contact the ImmPort helpdesk( for assistance.

  7. Can I edit fields after my study has been submitted? Edits are possible by using the study_design_edit.txt template followed by validation and loading through the ImmPort upload process. In the future, the Study Registration Wizard will support updating existing uploaded studies.

  8. How long does Validation and Submission take? Validation and Submission may take anywhere from five minutes to much longer depending on the volume and complexity of data loaded.

  9. How soon can I see my study in ImmPort? You should be able to view your successfully validated and loaded study in ImmPort within 5 minutes of receiving the email notifying you of the successful upload.

  10. How are the User Defined ID fields used? User Defined IDs, loaded to ImmPort by data providers, are not publicly shared. ImmPort generates ImmPort accessions to replace User Defined IDs. Only the data provider and others with access to the data provider workspace can see the User Defined IDs.

  11. Can I change the pre-populated values for the various User Defined ID fields? Yes, you may change the User defined IDs to anything that makes sense for your personal tracking needs, however, the ID must be unique and not already in use within the workspace. The pre-populated value is just a suggestion.

  12. When entering personnel, what is the difference between the Title in Study and Role in Study fields? Title in Study refers to the position personnel play as defined by the research team. This field is free text. The Role in Study field provides a dropdown menu to select. Personnel may have the same Title and Role in the study. Personnel listed as PI via the dropdown will appear in the ImmPort user interface.

  13. When adding an existing protocol, can I view or edit the protocol within the Study Registration Wizard? The protocol cannot be edited within the Study Registration Wizard.

  14. Can I add a publication that is in pre-print? Pre-print publications may be included. Once the publication is published the publication information can be updated in ImmPort using the study_design_edit.txt template and the ImmPort validation and upload process. Please contact the ImmPort team for assistance at

  15. When adding a publication with a PubMed ID, do I need to fill the remaining fields on the form? No, filling the remaining fields is not necessary as the ImmPort system will automatically populate them after your study is registered.

  16. Are there restrictions to the types of Study Files that can be uploaded? Study file formats can be .pdf, .txt, .csv, .xls(x), .doc(x) or other commonly used file types. Study files cannot be .zip files. Data contained in the study files may include adverse events, assessment results, case report forms, concomitant medications, data dictionaries, demographics, interventions, lab test results, medical history data, protocol deviation data, screening data, study medication and substance use. Should you have additional questions please contact and an ImmPort team member will be happy to assist. We are generally able to respond to requests for help within 24 business hours.

  17. When will my study be shared? ImmPort has quarterly data releases. Please contact the ImmPort team to include your study in an upcoming data release,