Name HLA_Typing.txt
Type multiple
Schema Version 3.36
Description The HLA experiment sample template defines and annotates the assay results for a sample by linking sample, experiment, and results together.
Template ColumnRequiredDescription
Expsample ID True The experiment sample identifier must be stored in ImmPort or in the experimentsamples.txt template.
Ancestral Population True ImmPort recommends using population names as defined by the http://www.allelefrequencies.net site.
HLA-A Allele 1 False
HLA-A Allele 2 False
HLA-B Allele 1 False
HLA-B Allele 2 False
HLA-C Allele 1 False
HLA-C Allele 2 False
HLA-DPA1 Allele 1 False
HLA-DPA1 Allele 2 False
HLA-DPB1 Allele 1 False
HLA-DPB1 Allele 2 False
HLA-DQA1 Allele 1 False
HLA-DQA1 Allele 2 False
HLA-DQB1 Allele 1 False
HLA-DQB1 Allele 2 False
HLA-DRB1 Allele 1 False
HLA-DRB1 Allele 2 False
HLA-DRB3 Allele 1 False
HLA-DRB3 Allele 2 False
HLA-DRB4 Allele 1 False
HLA-DRB4 Allele 2 False
HLA-DRB5 Allele 1 False
HLA-DRB5 Allele 2 False
Comments False Comments captures additional descriptive information.