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Usage Metrics

This document outlines the usage metrics measured and displayed on study detail pages in ImmPort.


This metric shows the number of times a page is visited on the ImmPort website. ImmPort captures pageview statistics using Google Analytics tracking code. A pageview in Google Analytics is an event that triggers when a user views a page on the ImmPort website. The page view event triggers each time the user’s browser loads or reloads a page.

Pageviews have been captured in ImmPort since 2015 in the Universal GA property, which is now deprecated and replaced by the GA4 property in October 2023. For a given study, total pageviews are computed from the summation of historical data from the Universal property, and the current pageviews are pulled dynamically from the Google Analytics reporting API.


This metric shows the number of times a study is downloaded by a unique user on a unique day. For example, if a user were to download two files from the same study on the same day, it would count as one download. However, if a single user downloaded files from two different studies on the same day or downloaded the same study on two different dates, it would both count as two downloads. Downloads from internal ImmPort team members are excluded.

This metric includes web downloads done using the ImmPort Data Browser and API downloads done using the ImmPort Data API downloads. A breakdown of the two metrics is displayed to reflect the appropriate use.