Name interventions.txt
Type single
Schema Version 3.36
Description The Intervention Template records the study interventions, concomitant medications, and anything else that was reported as entering a subject.
Template ColumnRequiredDescription
User Defined ID True The intervention user defined ID is an identifier chosen by the data provider to refer to a adverse event. The user defined ID is not shared.
Subject ID True Please enter either a subject user defined ID or ImmPort accession for the subject from which the sample was derived. A single subject record is permitted.
Study ID True A biological sample may be linked to a single study.
Name Reported True The intervention name is not referenced by other data records.
Compound Name Reported True The compound name describes what substance entered the subject.
Compound Role True Compound role indicates the purpose or category of the substance.
Dose Reported True The amount of a substance.
Start Day False The study day in which the substance was initially encountered.
End Day False The study day in which the substance was encounter ended.
Status False Did the substance encounter complete or was ended.
Reported Indication False The purpose the substance was encountered.
Formulation False The packaging or delivery of the substance.
Dose False The dose value.
Dose Units False The dose unit.
Dose Freq Per Interval False How often the substance was encountered.
Route Of Admin Reported False How the substance was administered.
Is Ongoing False Is the substance encounter continuing.
Start Time False Time within a study day the substance is initially encountered.
End Time False Time within a study day the substance encounter ended.
Duration False Length of time for the encounter.
Duration Unit False Time unit for the duration.