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Q2 2024 Software Release

Release Date

April 18, 2024.

Private Data Download

A new feature allowing a data submitter to download private data from their workspace has been implemented. This applies to parsed data that has been uploaded to a private workspace. To complete this, a data submitter must be logged into their account. Then, the data submitter should navigate to a study detail page for an uploaded study. Lastly, the data submitter should click the button labled "Download Parsed Data" on the study detail page. SQL and Tab formatted zip files are available for download. An email will be sent to the submitter when the files are available for download. Please see examples below:

Data Submission

Data Submission


GA4GH DRS API is implemented for shared data in production. The primary functionality of DRS is to map a logical ID(UUID) to a means for physically retrieving the data represented by the ID.

  • Shared Data on cloud in the immport-strides-prod-shared-data S3 bucket in STRIDES
    • DR51.1 release data is now available on the cloud
    • DRS API can be accessed using the URL:
    • DRS Objects are posted for each of the shared data file(S3) to the DRS API
  • Private Data now includes the generation of UUIDs and Checksum for the files in the Private Data section
  • FHIR Integration: Additional RelatedArtifacts resource is created for each study file with corresponding DRS urls. Please review our documentation for further information on FHIR: FHIR Documentation

Please see further GA4GH Data Repository Service (DRS) API Specification below:

Data Submission

Data Submission

Documentation Updates

NAIRR AI-Ready Data Sets: Resource Page

A new resource page to host the AI-ready datasets has been developed. The current version of this page includes 10K Immunomes AI-ready dataset. The resource page includes: + A download link to the dataset + AI-readiness assessment spreadsheet + Links to the 10K Immunomes website, Github and docker resources + Link to ImmPort CDT for source studies used in 10K Immunomes resource

The resource page can be accessed at: NAIRR AI-Ready Datasets

Ontology List

A new documentation page lists out the ontologies used by ImmPort. Terms from these ontologies are used in standardized fields in the ImmPort dat model.

The documentation page can be found at: Ontology Documentation

User Interface Updates

The Data Release schedule can now be accessed from the Private Data menu bar:

Data Submission

ImmPort Documentation can now be access directly from the Shared Data menu bar:

Data Submission

The HIPC Resource Page now includes links to the HIPC Centers:

Data Submission