Name Reagent_Sets.txt
Type single
Schema Version 3.36
Description The reagent set template defines and annotates the groups of reagents that are used together in assays such as flow cytometry panels, or multiplex ELISA assays. This template is optional.
Template ColumnRequiredDescription
User Defined ID True The reagent user defined ID is an identifier chosen by the data provider to refer to an assay reagent. The nature of the assay reagent is assay specific and may be an array, an antibody or a typing kit. This ID may be referenced by other data records (e.g. experiment sample). The user defined ID is not shared.
Reagent ID(s) True The individual reagents are defined in assay specific reagent templates (e.g. flow cytometry, ELISA). The data provider may define a set or panel of reagents used in a single assay (e.g a panel of fluorochrome conjugated monoclonal antibodies).
Description True The assay reagent description provides further details on the nature and purpose of the reagent.
Name True The reagent name is not referenced by other data records.
Type True The reagent set type indicates the assay type with which the reagent set is used.