There are approximately 45 tables in the Shared_Data schema that ImmPort identifies as "Lookup Tables", or "lk tables". These tables are used to harmonize data from a study to study as they are populated using standarized terms from ontologies. Fields in ImmPort tables then reference these lk tables; several fields in ImmPort tables require the user to select a value from a pre-set value list, and these values lists are the lk tables, containing ontology terms.

The ontologies ImmPort references are:
Clinical Methods Ontology Cell Ontology Cell Line Ontology
Clinical Measurement Ontology Disease Ontology Foundational Model Ontology
Gazetteer Gene Ontology Gene Ontology
Human Gene Dataset (including HUGO) Human Metabolome Database Human Phenotype Ontology
Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities Terminology Mouse Gene Dataset NCBI Taxonomy
National Cancer Institute Thesaurus Ontology for Biomedical Investigations Ontology for General Medical Science
Ontology for MIRNA Target The Ontology for Immune Epitomes Phenotype And Trait Ontology
Protein Ontology PubMed SNOMED CT
The Statistical Methods Ontology Symptom Ontology Uberon Multi-species anatomy Ontology
Uniprot Units of Measurement Ontology Vaccine Ontology

Please see below a list of ontologies supported in ImmPort's data model, the lk tables that terms from these ontologies populate, and ImmPort tables and fields ("columns") which reference these lk tables and subsequent ontology terms:

Ontology LK Table Name Table Name Column Name