Name labTestPanels.txt
Type single
Schema Version 3.36
Description The lab test panels template is a legacy template that defines and annotates the collection of lab tests applied to a sample (but not the lab test results). The function of this template is also captured in the lab tests template. This template will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future to support backward compatibility.
Template ColumnRequiredDescription
User Defined ID True The lab test panel user defined ID is an identifier chosen by the data provider to refer to lab panel. This ID may be referenced by other data records (e.g. lab test). The user defined ID is not shared.
Name Reported True The lab panel name describes a lab test panel. Please select a preferred value from the list provided if the name matches your name or enter a name if there is not an appropriate one provided. This name is visible when the panel is shared.
Study ID True A lab test panel may be linked to a single study.
Protocol ID(s) True Please enter either a protocol user defined ID or ImmPort accession. One or more identifiers can be entered per subject. Separate identifiers by semicolon (;).