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Interactive Tutorials

ImmPort Interactive Tutorials (Review Tutorials)

ImmPort maintains a JupyterHub site that hosts notebooks designed to introduce you to the types of data available in ImmPort, how to find data of interest using the UI, show you ways to download data for re-use, and tutorials on how to prepare and do further analysis of the data. For most of the tutorials, we will show you how you can download the data for that tutorial, but to make running the tutorials easier, we have preloaded the data into the IMMPORT_DATA directory.

To download the data, you must be a registered user of ImmPort. Registration for use of ImmPort data is free, here is the link for more information.

Prepare Data For Analysis

There are a series of tutorials that demonstrate how to prepare data for analysis. The way they were written is each tutorial depends on the previous tutorial's output.

  1. Prepare Subject Data For Analysis
  2. Prepare Biosample and Planned Visit For Analysis
  3. Prepare Lab Tests For Analysis
  4. Prepare Assessments For Analysis

FOCiS Tutorials

The UCSF-ImmPort team has hosted workshops at FOCiS over multiple years, and the notebooks used as part of the hands-on training are available below.

  1. FOCiS 2018 MetaCyto Tutorial
  2. FOCiS 2019 DeepLearning CyTOF
  3. FOCiS 2023 SDY824 Analysis