The text portion of .fcs files are stored.

Name Type Description Foreign Key
fcs_header_id int(11) Primary key
compensation_flag varchar(1) (Y/N) flag regarding whether or not the source fcs file was compensated
expsample_accession varchar(15) Foreign key reference to EXPSAMPLE table expsample.expsample_accession
fcs_file_name varchar(250) Name of FCS file
fcs_header_text longtext Text header portion of the FCS file
fcs_version float Version of the FCS standard for this FCS file
file_info_id int(11) Foreign key reference to FILE_INFO table file_info.file_info_id
maximum_intensity float Maximum intensity value found in the FCS file
minimum_intensity float Minimum intensity value found in the FCS file
number_of_events int(11) The total number of cells assayed in the FCS file
number_of_markers int(11) Total number of markers assayed in the FCS file
panel_preferred varchar(2000) Standardized name of marker set
panel_reported varchar(2000) Reported name of marker set
Name Column Description
PRIMARY fcs_header_id BTREE
idx_fcs_header_expsample_accession expsample_accession BTREE
idx_fcs_header_file_info_id file_info_id BTREE
Tables that Reference this Table
Name Column Table Reference Column Reference
fcs_header_marker fcs_header_id fcs_header fcs_header_id